Virtual Internet Exchange

Welcome to the page of the Master Virtual Internet Exchange.

This Virtual Internet Exchange was created to offer the ability to learn BGP and peering in general through a safe tunnel (GRE, Foo over UDP, IPIP, VXLAN, depends on your needs) without having to spend money having to peer in a datacenter and potentially break things.

This way, anyone interested can announce their IP space to our VIX, and we can safely experiment without breaking things or making companies upset. Joining the VIX is free, just send an email over to here

Current members:

UserASIPv4 IPIPv6 IPStatus
Michael GoossensAS20875145.135.151.492a06:e881:6702:1::1Tunnel setup.
Vasil BakalovAS20776445.135.151.502a06:e881:6702:1::1Tunnel setup.

The status field is static. Valid options are: registered, pending setup, administratively disconnected, tunnel setup.