About Us

At AS208751 we provide our customers with IPv6 subnets. We also provide assistance with setting them up, and keeping the customers' entires up-to-date in the RIPE NCC WHOIS database.

At the moment, we do not provide IPv4 subnets, as this is out of our budget. This AS is ran by a single person, Michelle Goossens, and there is no money for becoming a RIPE NCC member.

We also do not provide any sponsoring services for getting your AS number, as we are not a RIPE NCC member.

AS208751 started as an affordable project set up by Michael Goossens. At the time of starting up the AS, it is very affordable to start this up. It became a project to learn more about BGP, Routing and ASN, however, it has grown into a small business where we assign IPv6 blocks to our customers.